Solution for low-risk, high-quality SAP document and data migration!


  • ArchiveLink and BC-ILM-based middleware for document and data migrations
  • Consistent document access during the entire migration phase thanks to proxy-server function
  • GOBS-compliant migration
  • Interactive migration management
  • Compatible with all SAP ArchiveLink-/SAP ILM-certified archiving/ECM systems

Migration solution for SAP archives

KGS Migration4ArchiveLink is a tool for the easy and controlled migration of SAP archive data and documents. With the advent of electronic archives came the need for document migrations, for instance to switch to new storage systems/media or to replace an entire archiving system. KGS Migration4ArchiveLink allows you to perform such migrations via a web client regardless of which archiving solution you are utilizing. The process is simple, fast and requires very little administrative intervention.

User-friendly design

Archive migrations should neither be complicated nor should they entail any risks. What sets KGS Migration4ArchiveLink apart from traditional migration solutions is that it enables companies to immediately and smoothly change over to a new target archive. The migration is executed transparently using a proxy server-based process that does not disrupt user activities.

Security and control

A web client interface provides authorized users with simple access to detailed status and progress reports on the migration process. Additional features include error reporting as well as intuitive configuration, control and migration management functions. Transparent audit trails and an automatic step-by-step documentation of all migrations, traceable down to individual documents, allow you to execute migrations in line with generally accepted accounting principles and ensure compliance with regulatory and legal provisions.

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Many companies rely on the KGS migration tool to carry out their document and data migration projects.

“Migration is a highly sensitive subject matter. The process must be executed very carefully, especially if speed is of the essence, and all steps need to be documented painstakingly. We keep refining the workflow to ensure the highest level of security and reliability possible. When it comes to SAP archive migration, this solution delivers higher data availability and lower risks than any competing product!” Founder Reiner Kraus, KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG.

We are happy to help you plan and implement the migration strategy that best suits your needs.

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Our customer references speak for themselves.

“The KGS approach really took away our anxiety associated with migrations. Standard migration software that gets the job done with little external effort and customer involvement – that’s what I call efficient.”

Peter Pollich, IT Infrastructure & Application Management Rhein Chemie Rheinau GmbH

“No other solution on the market comes even close to what this product delivers in the context of migrating archives connected via ArchiveLink. The proven tool is as powerful as it is robust.”

Axel Dunkhorst, IT Leiter BORSIG GmbH

“A seamless, simple and reliable transition from legacy to target archive. Our users did not even notice that a migration was taking place; there were no disruptions whatsoever.”

Oliver Fischer, IT Leiter Loewe Technologies GmbH

“We migrated 100 million documents in just two weeks!” BMW AG


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KGS Software GmbH & Co. KG is global outsourcing partner for SAP ArchiveLink and ILM interface certification and an established expert for SAP archiving and document management. Since more than 12 years, leading companies across the globe rely on solutions from KGS to archive data in SAP.

The broad KGS product portfolio ranges from high-performance SAP archives, ILM and document capturing through to fully automated SAP archive migration tools.